Agroecology Greece

About Agroecology Greece

The Agroecological Network of Greece (Agroecology Greece) consists a network and a platform aiming to promote Agroecology as a science, practice and movement, in Greek. Its purpose is to network agricultural scientists/trainers, in order to exchange information, knowledge & research that will familiarize the principles and framework of agroecology in Greece and promote the transition of food production systems towards a truly sustainable form, integrating food sovereignty and security principles.

In Agroecology Greece participate:

  • Christina Vakali, Dr. agronomist, organic farme
  • George Veikontis. agrnomist, MSc
  • Vasileios Gkisakis, Dr. agronomist, organic farmer
  • Ioanna Dialyna, agricultural engineer, MSc, organic farmer
  • Kostas Kalaitzoglou, agronomist, MSc
  • Varvara Kontele, agronomist, organic farmer
  • Kyriakos Palasides, agronomist
  • Panagiotis Papadopoulos, agronomist, MSc
  • Kostas Papazoglou, agronomist, MSc, organic farmer
  • Ralou Tsigkou, Agronomist, MSc
  • Stella Chatzigeorgiou, agronomist/trainer, MSc

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Download the leaflet of the Agroecological Network of Greece (click on image)

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